vendredi, novembre 2

Flower power

Ces leggings sont les bas les plus comfortables du monde, je me sens comme un petit marshmallow. Le soleil est revenu en Angleterre (enfin) donc je me permets de ressortir mes ballerines d'amour sans avoir trop (trop) froid. En espérant que vous aimez mon comfy look du jour, surtout mes leggings, je vous embrasse très fort!

Those leggings are the most comfortable things I have ever worn. I feel like a marshmallow. The sun came back in England (finally) so I am able to wear my flats without freezing that much. Hope you like my little comfy look of the day, especially these leggings, I send you lots of love!

Sweater: Dorothy Perkins - Leggings: H&M - Flats: Primark

5 commentaires:

  1. loveeeee those leggings, Your really pretty!
    lovee you blog!Gone follow, hope you can follow back xx

  2. J'adooore ce look !
    Le legging est super beau & si tu dis qu'il est confortable, alors la je suis sous le charme :)


  3. Ha I got addicted to your blog !! I love your looks. It seems like everything looks amazing on you ;)Luna what cosmetics do you use? What perfume, and make up? :)


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