mardi, mai 7

Luna in Wonderland

Hello loves, here are some photographs shot by my favourite and amazing photographer Shen Monroe. I always feel so comfortable in front of her lens, Shen has a perfect eye and you can tell  seeing these shots. For this shoot she made me feel and look like Alice in Wonderland, I loved it - in addition, what's better than a hot and sunny day in London?
I hope you like the outfits, those are not the only pictures and looks of the shoot so stay tuned, I will up update this fashion shoot step by step. Cheers my loves!

Bonjour bonjour, voici quelques clichés de ma super photographe de mode préférée Shen Monroe. Je me sens toujours à l'aise devant son objectif, Shen a l'oeil c'est sur et vous pouvez le confirmer! Pour ce shoot je me suis sentie comme Alice aux Pays des Merveilles et c'est d'ailleurs pour cette raison qu'on l'a nommé "Luna in Wonderland", j'ai forcément adhéré! Puis en plus, quoi de mieux qu'une journée chaude et ensoleillée à Londres?
J'espère que ça vous plait et je vous embrasse très fort pour cette belle journée de Printemps!

Body and Skirt: American Apparel - Socks: H&M - Hat and Shoes: Vintage

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6 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful Outfit!
    I love your style and your pictures!

  2. Absolutely stunning :) I have a questions if you don't mind? First, what is the meaning of "La Lulita" ?? Also, what do you use as skincare...your skin is glowing and flawless!! thanks hun!!x

    1. Thank you so much dear :) First, La Lulita is a nickname and a mix between Luna (my first name) and "Lolita" so basically it became La Lulita! The secret is revealed, ahah. Concerning my skincare, I'd say that the most important thing is to moisturize your skin every morning and evening. In addition, I exfoliate it once a week. Hope this helped!

      Much love,

  3. Great look!!!

  4. Hi Dear,

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    1. Thank you dear, this website looks amazing and I'll probably join it as I like the concept of it!
      Kindest regards



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