lundi, octobre 15

Instaloves - @lunaattar

My little bro on a beach in South of France, love this shot.

INSTAGOODIES PREFERES - RETOURS EN ARRIERE. Voilà quelques photos de mon Instagram (vous pouvez me suivre @lunaattar) que j'adore. J'aime bien re-regarder ces petits moments capturés... Oui ok, je suis une Instagram "addict" mais je ne pense pas être la seule, n'est-ce pas? En tout cas j'aime bien avoir mon petit moment Insta de la journée, haha.

Au fait, j'ai un nouveau petit monde : Pinterest !

FAVORITE INSTAGOODIES - FLASHBACKS. Here are some pictures from my Instagram (feel free to follow me @lunaattar) that I love and they show some moments that I like to get back on. Oh and yes, honestly I'm addicted to Instagram, as many people do I guess. I like to have my "insta moment" of the day, haha. I am sure most of you have Instagram, don't you?

By the way, I've got a new little place: Pinterest !

Healthy breakfast before starting the workouts routine - Little insta sneak peek from the "High Low" look #MichealKors

White Café Mocca @Starbucks "gossiping" with my lovely friend as every afternoon -  Aperçu of lovely cupcakes in a patisserie from London

My morning coffee, can't live without it - Hahaha, no comment. But lots of fun.

I'll never get tired of drinking this Starbucks White Café Mocca with cream above - @Wimbledon, my lovely bedroom at my cousin's house, love this place so much and loved spending my week end there

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